MOM, Phyllis

Celebrating Phyllis,
- Mom & Good Friend

by Leigh

Mom's daughter Leigh

"All I ask is that you share the words of John Lennon's song 'Imagine' with our family and friends because those are my words too."
Phyllis Frank



Mom Imagine words

Silent YouTube version
(for phones)
due to copyright issues.


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Leigh Lane Cinder
Patty & Mom
Mom & the girls
Ladies who lunch 2012
Mom with Charlie
Ladies who lunch 2012
Mom will be back with more
Mom - beautiful  Phyllis Frank
All around Mom and grandma
Mom with our little kids Lonnie and Jeffy and friends
Queen's Silver Jubilee Parade in the Mall had just ended so we could get this snap in front of Buckingham Palace, 2002
Mom & Leigh Best Friends forever
Phyllis & May, two lovliest of moms and mums, Kenwood House, London, 2002
Phyllis & May London 2002
much more to come
Mom - Phyllis
How's it going?